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Great pizza as usual. Thanks again

Charmaine, 26 Jul 2021

  Reply : Thank you Charmaine.

Always a great standard of food from Eastern Promise. Very accomodating for individual requirements. Great staff!

Anna, 25 Jul 2021

  Reply : Thank you Anna.

I don't normally leave feed back but on this occasion I will as the food was perfect extremely tasty with no problems at all the service was also second to none thank you for a very enjoyable meal

Stephen , 19 Jul 2021

  Reply : Thank you Stephen.

We always order from here and when we ask for donnor meat fin and crispy that’s what we get!!!! But tonight we have ordered and received real thick meat!!! Now I’m fussy with my meat so that is my tea ruined! We rang up and asked for another one to be sent out but thin and crispy meat but they said they carnt do that and won’t even give us our money back for it!

Natasha, 18 Jul 2021

Very friendly staff

Dave, 13 Jul 2021

  Reply : Thank you.

Excellent pizza and service as always. Thank you very much!

Charmaine, 19 Jun 2021

  Reply : Thank you.

Thanks once again!

Charmaine, 18 Jun 2021

  Reply : Thank you.

Good food and great service as always

Aaron, 16 Jun 2021

Great food always a pleasure to deal with and great service

Aaron, 14 Jun 2021

  Reply : Thank you Aaron.

Good piza

Florin, 10 Jun 2021

  Reply : Thank you Florin.


Load of shite I have not received my delivery!!

Gary, 31 May 2021

very good

Jacqui, 28 May 2021

  Reply : Thank you.

Great taste in low price. Love it. 100% recommendations

Shamas, 23 May 2021

  Reply : Thank you Shamas.

Thanks once again!

Charmaine, 22 May 2021

  Reply : Thank you Charmaine.

No place better

James, 22 May 2021

Very good food. Great service.

Linda Richardson, 11 May 2021

  Reply : Thank you Linda.


Some items were missing from our order and the some items were incorrect. Burgers came with no dressings and were the wrong type of burgers. The food itself isnt bad, ironically the burger that we didnt order was quite tasty. Arrived very quickly and was clearly a rushed order hense all of the mistakes.

Joshua, 05 May 2021

Always pleased with our food and great customer service

Kelly Will, 27 Apr 2021

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Charmaine, 24 Apr 2021

  Reply : Thank you Charmaine.

The best pizza and the best value in town! Thank you once again

Charmaine, 07 Apr 2021

  Reply : Thank you Charmaine.

Very good for delivery times

Timmy, 04 Apr 2021

  Reply : Thank you Timmy.

We ordered over the phone a Large chicken shish roll and asked for a peshwari naan instead of the plain naan. When it arrived, the naan was a plain one and not the peshwari naan that we ordered. The whole meal was very wet and soggy, resulting in a wasted meal as my wife couldn't eat it.

Chris, 04 Apr 2021

Great as usual! I love the jalapeno and cheese stuffed crust, an excellent addition to your great quality pizzas.

Charmaine, 02 Apr 2021

  Reply : Thank you Charmaine.

Wonderful as usual!

Charmaine, 27 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thank you Charmaine.


Rosalie, 13 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thank you Rosalie. Ok

Always good

Daniel, 06 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thank you Daniel.